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    BHLT 1121 Series
    The equipment is capable of taking measurements of magnetostriction on materials when exposed to DC magnetic fields. The equipment takes measurements at near DC frequency The equipment is PC based and operates on Windows7 platform. It uses monitor as output device while inputs are made through keyboard and mouse. Entire operation of the equipment is through mouse and keyboard.
    Plot of complete cycle of strain Vs magnetic field is measured and displayed.

    Max. Field: 15000 A/cm
    Max strain: 3000 microstrain
    Properties Tested: microstrain Vs. Field
    Accuracy: 1%
    Magnetostriction Loop Graphical Display.
    Fully computerized system, Very Low Measurement Time,
    Data Automatically Generated and Saved.
    No Operator Skill Required, Easy Installation and Operation.
    All accessories Supplied for Smooth Running.
    Detailed Test Reports for Design Applications.
    Summery Test Reports for Customer Submission
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