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    Flux meter has been the established standard for the measurement of magnetic flux density for determining total flux in a magnet or magnetic assembly. Its use was curtailed except in a few specialized areas because of many factors such as the difficulty in setting up light beam flux meter or ballistic galvanometers, limitations on the ohmic resistance of search coils, the requirement of some degree of operator skill in reading the flux meter etc. The development of the integrating type Digital Flux meter has virtually cancelled the hitherto negative aspects of fluxmeterology and has found a broad niche for many magnetic measurement applications.
    The integrating type Digital Flux meter overcomes all the drawbacks and limitations associated with the earlier type of instruments.Search coil ohmic resistance is of no consequence insofar as instrument damping is concerned. Physical installation of the flux meter is simple with no special levelling requirements and ease of readability of the digital instrument is straightforward for any class of operator.
    The digital readout also enhances resolution and accuracy of readings.
    Integrating type Digital Flux meter developed by us is capable of giving space or time varying flux values in any coil by integrating the induced emf.

    Integrating type Digital Fluxmeter is capable of giving space or time varying flux values in any coil by inte-grating the induced emf.
    The instrument has three and half digit LED display. It has four ranges of measurements indicating flux values from 0.1 KMT (Kilo Maxwell Turns) to 2*105 KMT.
    The four ranges are selectable with the help of push button switches.
    The instrument has arrangement to minimize the drift and a reset push button to reset the displayed flux read-ing to zero.
    The instrument offers analog voltage output proportional to the displayed value of flux that can be used for recording or data acquisition.
    The instrument offers facility for connecting remote reset switch.
    The instrument is table top type and works on 230 volts 50Hz mains supply.
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