Ultra Soft Material Testing

Ferrites India has developed systems to check Ultra Soft Magnetic materials.

These very high permeability, low Permanence and Low Coersivity materials are used in CTs, R&D laboratories, shielding etc.

Ultra Soft Material Testing
  • Standard:IEC 60404-4, IEC 60404-6
  • Dimensions: As per user specifications
  • Frequency of Testing: DC, 40Hz – 1 kHz
  • Max. Field: 100 A/cm
  • Lease Count of Field Measurement: 0.0001 A/cm
  • Max Flux Density: 3T
  • Properties Tested: Watt Loss, Permeability, Saturation Flux Density, Remanence, Coersivity, Hrms, Brms
  • Accuracy: 1%
Industries :
Compressors, CT Manufactures, Educational Institutes, Geology Study, Metal Wire Industry, Motor Industry, Research and Development, Special Material Development, Transformer Industry