Rod Testing

Testing of Solid Rods

Test pieces in round or square rod forms can be very easily tested for their DC properties. Properties such as coersivity, permeability, magnetization can be tested. The field for testing can be taken to 600A/cm. With our newly designed fixture, it can be taken up to 1000A/cm.

Result showing initial curve and permeability Curve.

Rod Testing
  • Standard: IEC 60404-4
  • Dimensions : 8mm, 10mm, 12mm diameter, square shape
  • Frequency of Testing : DC
  • Max. Field : 1200 A/cm
  • Lease Count of Field Measurement: : 0.001 A/cm
  • Max Flux Density : 3T
  • Properties Tested : Watt Loss, Permeability, Saturation Flux Density, Remanence, Coersivity, Hrms, Brms
  • Accuracy : 1%
Industries :
Educational Institutes, Forging Industry, Magnet Manufacturers, Oil Industry, Relay Manufacturers, Research and Development