Motor Stack Testing

Inspection after production level
Stator Stack Testing

Stacks built with punched laminations can have lot of quality issues. Even though the lamination material is tested in sheet format before any process, that alone is not sufficient to guarantee good quality stators. Wear and tear of the punch, bad welding, bad insulating coating in annealing add to the magnetic losses in the stator. It is always advisable to test the stator core in it’s final format before winding to ensure good quality throughout the production batch.

Low loss Stator Stack

High loss stator stack. Core loss increased due to improper welding

Motor Stack Testing
  • Dimensions: As per user specifications
  • Frequency of Testing: 50Hz – 1 kHz
  • Max. Field: 50 A/cm
  • Max Flux Density: 3T
  • Properties Tested: Watt Loss, Permeability, Saturation Flux Density, Remanence, Coersivity, Hrms, Brms
  • Accuracy: 1%
Industries :
Compressors, CT Manufactures, Educational Institutes, Geology Study, Metal Wire Industry, Motor Industry, Research and Development, Special Material Development, Transformer Industry