Magnetizer for segment magnets

Ferrites India has been manufacturing Magnetizers and De-Magnetizers since 1980. Development of newer equipment in the field magnetics is company’s policy. FI has an ever increasing range of products and its products are known for their low maintenance cost, long life and best output. Ferrites India manufactures fixture according to the customer requirements. Good design of fixture with quality magnetizer results in no wastage of energy and high efficiency in magnetization of the sample. Ferrites India takes pride in supplying very low maintenance magnetizers. Some of our magnetizers have been in the field for more than 10 years and are working with same efficiency.
DC Motor, Pump Industry, Rubber Industry, Automobile Industry, Fan Motors, Magnet Manufacturers, Loudspeakers, Stepper Motors, Speedometers. Magnetic Couplings, Toy Motors
Ferrite, AlNiCo, Rare Earth Materials
Single Magnet, Magnet Assembly
Pole Structure
Single Pole magnetization, Multi Pole Magnetization
Energy150 Jouls to 1,50,000 Jouls
MaterialRare Earth, AlNiCo, Ferrite
Test Piece Structure and SizeFlat/ Ring/ Cylindrical/ Segment shape
Pole Structure1 Pole - 24 Poles
Magnetization TypeSingle Piece at a time/ Magnet assembly Magnetization
Cycle Time3 Secs - 20 Secs
Operation ControlManual/ Remote
Digital/Analog Display for Current and Voltage. Fixture With Safety features and Magnetization Level CheckingIndication for set Voltageage/current, Peak current through fixture, go-no go system
Test Piece Ejection MechanismAuto/Manual
Discharge Mode SelectionAutomatic/ Step By Step
Safety FeaturesList conditions given by Client
PokoyokaList conditions given by Client
Faults IndicatorList conditions given by Client
Industries :
Automobile, Fan, Magnet Manufacturers, Motors, Rubber Industry